Our community

Welcome to the Integra community

At Integra, we like to invest in people just as much as we like to invest in funds. To us, communities and networks are essential to successful investment strategies. We are happy to see that the Integra community has grown into a thriving and inspiring network of people over the years. In the future we will continue to organize events that are both insightful and entertaining. We hope to see you soon at one of our events.

Investor meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of a private equity fund is a key yearly event where stakeholders, including limited and general partners, gather to discuss the fund’s financial performance, investment strategies and challenges. It promotes transparency, communication, and collaboration among stakeholders, offering a platform for updates on the fund’s portfolio, market conditions and regulatory matters. The AGM contributes to aligning interests, building trust and ensuring the fund’s ongoing success. This event is also a great opportunity to network.

Events & Activities

Besides the formal Annual General Meeting, Integra Partners builds relationships with and between investors by organizing or taking part in several events every year. This ranges from a more informal half-year portfolio update followed by an entertaining speaker to an old-timer rally or golf tournament.

Integra Academy for the next generation

The Integra Academy is an educational initiative by Integra Partners, designed exclusively for the children of our Limited Partners (LPs). We offer a holistic learning experience, combining workshops, expert lectures and engaging activities to foster curiosity, innovation and essential life skills. Our programs cover financial literacy, leadership development and emerging technologies, aiming to equip young professionals for success in a rapidly changing world. Integra Academy reflects our commitment to investing in the development of future leaders, ensuring a lasting legacy beyond financial returns. Join us on this journey where knowledge meets opportunity, shaping a future driven by excellence.

Investor Portal

Our investor portal is an online platform designed with your needs in mind, providing a secure and centralized platform for accessing real-time updates on fund performance, reports and key financial information. This portal serves as a bridge, fostering seamless communication and clarity between Integra Partners and our valued investors. It’s designed to enhance transparency and empower investors with convenient 24/7 access to critical details about their investments in our private equity funds.