Who are we?

Your local access to global & diversified private equity funds

Integra is a Belgium-based private equity fund, offering you an integrated platform for private equity investments. Through a balanced portfolio of international investments, we aim for optimal diversification and provide access to a selection of global top-tier private equity fund and co-investments.





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What do we offer?

An international porfolio of top-quartile funds

At Integra, we apply meticulous selection criteria and a global outlook to compile an international portfolio of top-quartile funds and co-investments.

What is private equity?

Investing outside of the stock market, with higher potential returns

Private equity firms invest in private, non-publicly traded companies. They actively manage and improve the performance of the companies in their portfolio before eventually selling them to realize returns. This investment approach is known for its hands-on management and longer investment horizon, offering the potential for high returns.

  • I've found a true partner in growth with Integra; their ability to identify opportunities and navigate market complexities is proof of an experienced and well-aligned team.

    Founder & CEO

  • Investing with Integra has given me unparalleled access to top-performing funds, thanks to their experienced team's strategic selection and commitment to diversification.


The Integra Community

Investing in funds,
investing in people

Private equity has the perception of primarily being numbers and data driven, but at Integra we very much like to keep the human angle in mind as well. Building a community and creating networks are essential to a successful investment strategy. And you’re most welcome to join the club.

More information

Interested, but need
more information?

Please feel free to contact us if you’d like more in-depth information on any aspect of our offer. We’re quite passionate about private equity and are always happy to share our insights and advice.